• My Life in the Online World

    Hi everyone! 😘 I hope y’all are doing well. 

    Today is another day for me to share to you my 3-day journey in digital world. It would be very exciting because I know that y’all can relate with me on how to managed our time in surfing the web. 

    So, I have tracked and recorded my everyday routine starting from the time I woke up until the minute I sleep. With the help of this, I will be able to assess myself on how long did surfing on the web consumed my time. 

    To begin with, every time I woke up in the morning, one thing that I looked for was my phone, it seems like my phone is magnetically part of me. Admittedly, my phone is the most useful gadget I only have especially for academic purposes. It is where I make my assignments, tasks, requirements, and thesis because I don’t have laptop. My phone had contributed a lot in my academics because maybe I wouldn’t make to 4th year without it. That is why I am very thankful for it, however, it might be a useful tool for me but it is also my greatest distraction. As you can observed with my tracking record, I spend a lot of hours on applications that are unnecessary in the academic field. Scrolling in Facebook is such a waste of time for me but I can’t helped keep on scrolling because I was entertained with videos, shared posts, quotes, and life updates of my friends wherein I cannot noticed the span of hours I spend with just one application. I seldomly open my messenger because I don’t have a lot of chatmates aside from the group chats that I have. Another application that makes me a little crazy (not literally) about is Tiktok. I am fond of making dance cover videos and dubs and it makes me happy when people noticed my uploaded videos, liked, and followed me on my Tiktok account. My initial purpose for staying in Tiktok is for entertainment and past time fun only, however, because of too much satisfaction and happiness it gives I cannot noticed the hours I spend in it which leads me to delay some of my academic works. 

    Furthermore, I also have this habit of looking for women’s apparel on Shopee especially if I have money because I always plan on purchasing sandals, dresses, tops, and others whenever my allowance is on its way but if I have no money at all, I just added them to my cart and looked back at it when the right time comes. 

    Anyways, the way I surfed the web for 3 days wherein I tracked it down makes me think of how I manage my time well. It is my choice to surf the web for entertainment or utilize it for academic purposes. It is also a matter of priorities because if you know what to prioritize first and the most important things in your life, you’ll know how to manage your time in surfing the web. 

    Here’s the link of my 3-day journey in the online world: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uGgTNkrwb1CZy4e1N_YmdrAuOOfiOgzNtTIOF2AAqWU/edit#gid=0

  • Me and My Passion in Writing

    My writing skills sometimes surprised me because there are instances that whenever I write on something random just to ease my boredom, I cannot believe that I am capable of writing that is sensible. When I was in high school, I was active in joining our official school paper or journalism focusing on feature writing. Back then, I didn’t know the things that I am capable of because most of the time I only followed what was being asked of me. Through constant training conducted by the school, I started to appreciate my writing skills and learned to mold, develop, and use them in certain contexts, especially in academic writing. As a writer, I learned to figure out my strengths and weaknesses through engaging myself into writing for academic purposes and writing for personal reasons. I always strive to be a better writer not by competing with others but rather by competing with myself, making sure that I am doing better today than yesterday.

    My strengths in writing include being able to communicate with my readers as if I am one of their best friends, wherein I make sure that the way I write should be the same as the way I speak. I always believe that one effective way of grabbing the reader’s attention is to talk to them as if you know them better because in writing it is important to know your audience in order to have an excellent writing output. However, one of my weakness is having insecurities in using words because mostly I only used simple words in writing because it is much easier to understand in the reader’s perspective but everytime I read a text that contains difficult words or uncommon words, I became insecure because I feel small of being not able to enrich my vocabulary. Still, I am grateful for the writer that I become right now.

    My transition from high school to college has changed my writing skills because in college and with the course that I have, I am more exposed to academic writing. Also, with the emergence of pandemic I learned to explore web writing because the educational system shifted to online modality in teaching. Writing for the web made me think that not all stored and existing knowledge that I have about writing is enough for me to be called as a good writer. I still have flaws though, I am not that good in terms of writing grammatically correct sentences all the time and I also forgot spellings, good to know that there are auto correction of spellings and grammars in digital devices and online world which helps me in achieving a good web writing output.

    If I’m gonna take a class called “Writing for the Web” it would be very interesting and exciting because I will have a great opportunity to enrich and develop my writing skills into the next level. The most awaited part in taking the class “Writing for the Web” is that it can give me lessons to learn such as providing a much more sensible and a good read writing output through the use of an easier and simplest way of different techniques and strategies in writing for the web in order to attract and encourage more readers.

  • 7 Blog Sites that I Like

    There are many blog sites that people can choose to, depending on their preferences. As a student, I enjoyed visiting and reading different blogs and it became my hobby whenever I have spare time. I wanted to share to you the seven (7) blog sites that I am most interested in.

    (1) Food Blogs – This is the top of my list because I enjoyed food a lot, not just by eating them but also the garnishes are very pleasing to my eyes. I found and followed this food blog named “Lisa’s Everyday Life”, I find her blog interesting because it contains different dishes and courses from other countries which makes my mouth salivate. As a person who have a background in cooking, I love the way she shares the recipe in her blogs which gives her readers the chance to add it to their menu.

    (2) Travel Blogs – It has always been my dream to travel around the world and I am still looking forward to it. One thing that I always do during this pandemic is to feed my eyes with beautiful sceneries and look for tourists spots in google to satisfy my desire to see the beauty of the world. Another is reading travel blogs because it lets me brought into different places as if I was really travelling, in fact, a travel blog site named “Beyond The Miles Travel Blog” let me feel an extraordinary feeling of travelling as if I am with the author and my presence is there.

    (3) Personal Blogs – Whenever I am alone and no one to talk with, I enjoyed writing situations that are based on real-life context, it could be my personal experiences or other people’s experiences. Personal blogs allows me to understand myself more and understand the world from other people’s perspectives. Just like this personal blog that I followed named “What I Think About When i Think About Writing”, the entire content of the blog seems like a diary of the author wherein he shares everything that had happen within the day and then talks about previous experiences which makes the readers to look forward on what would be the author write next.

    (4) Book and Writing Blogs – I am an avid reader of books and e-book with different genres, I even attempted writing my own stories when I was in high school but I haven’t finished it due to priorities. Books and Writing blogs contains book reviews, summaries, and even sharing writing tips. This blog serves as a perfect recommendation site for me and helps me decide on the possible book that I am going to read next It helps me choose some good novels and other interesting literatures, also, it enhances my imagination and writing skills. The blog site named “Story Empire” mostly offered the readers writing tips which is helpful in improving grammars and writing techniques.

    (5) Fashion and Beauty Blogs – There are a lot of trends and fashion styles that are being adapted in the 21st century which includes luxury, free style fashion on dresses, and some may include recycled textile depending on their own taste of fashion. As a mellenial, fashion is one way to express ourselves such as the color of the dress we wear reflects our mood or the way we apply make up on our face reflects our attitude or behavior of the day. Fashion and Beauty blogs inspires other people and allows them to be updated on the different current trends. For example, “Beauty and More” offers the readers different beauty products that suits the person very well and skin care product that are suitable for any skin type.

    (6) Art and Design Blogs – Arts is also one way of expressing one self which gives the audience the freedom of interpreting a master piece according to their point of views. The Art and Design blogs is an extension of ones creativity, not just to showcase your talent but also to enhance your skills digitally. For example, “Greater Albion Art and Design” provides the audience a realistic digital paintings and portraits that inspires them. In fact, I appreciate arts and artists so much which makes me think to awaken the artist in me.

    (7) Music Blogs – Music is the perfect remedy for a heavy heart, it is the best companion when things becomes tough. It let you feel happiness and loneliness at the same time but music heals everything, after you let everything out, the tears and the pains, eventually you will feel relieved. If you have difficulty choosing the best genre that suits you, the music blogs can help. For me, I visit music blogs because I want to explore different genres of music, I want to know the techniques of lyric writing, and it allows me to be updated in the music industrym For example, “Mike and Paul’s Music blog” offers the readers a narration of experience in searching for great music, it could be music reviews or live/concert experience.

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